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Adult Movies Come to BoneTown!

Movies in BoneTown

SugarDVD to Provide Live-Action Adult Content for Insertion into Video Game

Albuquerque, NM – D-Dub Software is pleased to announce a new partnership with adult DVD giant SugarDVD that will bring live-action adult content to the world of its ground-breaking action adventure video game, BoneTown, in the game’s first expansion pack.

The first movie showcased will be Freshly Squeezed 3 ½. Screening in the BoneTown Theater, the movie will be creatively incorporated into the game and made available to players only after they have completed the new missions. The incorporation of live-action content into the game will be but one new feature available in the upcoming expansion pack for BoneTown, scheduled for release in Spring 2009.

In addition to showcasing its first live-action adult content, courtesy of SugarDVD, the expansion pack will include a new story line that involves a midget, the BoneTown Theater, and a coked out Amish couple, to name but a few of the new elements awaiting rabid Bonetown fans.

D-Dub Software is happy to announce this new partnership with SugarDVD, the world’s largest renter of adult movies. Based in Los Angeles, SugarDVD ships millions of movies all over the world every year, and is eager to become a part of the new adult video game market. “BoneTown is a unique and entertaining game. It has multiple levels, different character options, and humor. I’ve never seen anything like it,” SugarDVD CEO Jax said. “D-Dub Software has created promotional options within the game that SugarDVD is excited to be part of.”

D-Dub Software is just as enthusiastic about the partnership. “We are trying to do some new and creative things in the adult entertainment industry,” D-Dub CEO Hod said. “We are especially proud to be to be partnering with someone like SugarDVD, a company that has been so innovative and influential in the industry. We are really looking forward to working with them and featuring one of their fine films in our game.”

With the game’s new movie capability and the company’s partnership with SugarDVD, D-Dub Software hopes to further the development of the adult video game industry by offering new experiences and business opportunities. “This is just the beginning of our partnership with SugarDVD,” D-Dub Business Development Manager Maximus Baptist VIII said. “By opening the theater we offer our users a new way to view adult material as well as giving SugarDVD a new way of presenting their new content.”



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