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BoneTown Draws Crowds at AEE 2009

BoneTown at AEE 2009

Adult Video Game Company D-Dub Software Announces Ambitious Plans for the New Year

Las Vegas, NV, January 21, 2009 — D-Dub Software’s BoneTown had one of the most talked about debuts at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas this past week. The Action Adventure Porno video game introduced a new concept to the show—a full featured video game with true adult content—and reactions were intensely positive. Between fielding questions about their game and having some drinks on the convention floor, D-Dub debuted some of their plans for BoneTown for 2009.

D-Dub’s first objective for the year is to provide more game content to fans, and at the show they announced that BoneTown’s first content pack is slated for release in Spring 2009. The content pack will include new missions, characters, and weapons, and will upgrade some existing content. To introduce their content packs to fans, D-Dub is offering this first one for free to anyone who has purchased the game.

In addition, D-Dub will expand this year through partnerships with some major names in both the adult and mainstream worlds. These partnerships will bring BoneTown to a larger audience through distribution deals, affiliate programs, and the inclusion of BoneTown demos in the Special Features sections of various adult movies. D-Dub hopes to announce the confirmation of these partnerships in early 2009.

While making business deals and chatting with fans about BoneTown’s future took most of D-Dub’s time at the AEE, the guys also took the time to speak with media who streamed by the booth interested in their new concept. Interviews about BoneTown and the new industry it is creating can be found in such publications as Penthouse, and on television on G4TV, the University Channel and others starting this month.

Though the business done at the AEE bodes well for D-Dub Software in 2009, the most important part of the conference for them was connecting with the people who play BoneTown. “Usually these shows are about doing a lot of business, which is great, but it was amazing to just sit back and talk to the fans who love playing our game,” says Hod, CEO of D-Dub. “They want nothing more than to experience the adult gaming industry, and they’re who the game was made for.”



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