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Before contacting us, make sure you have looked at the Frequently Asked Questions sections and made sure your problem is not already answered there. Below are direct links to the different FAQ pages we have.

If you are contacting us about a problem with your Serial Number, make sure to include it in your message to us.

Any issues with the DOWNLOAD most likely results from an incomplete download. To fix this issue, you will need to DELETE the previously downloaded file and then re-download the same file using the link in the email or from your Member Page. Deleting the previous download first is a very important step. Make sure the download completes and then try re-installing it again.
This issue could also have to do with your internet connection (corrupt files just means that you didn’t get a full copy of the download), and those can often be solved by using a download manager. There are many free versions of these online and they will help to make sure you download is not corrupt.
If it keeps not working, you can try to download the .exe file instead of the .zip. You can do this by changing the last three letter of the download link from “zip” to “exe”

BoneTown Gameplay FAQ
BoneTown Technical FAQ

BoneCraft Gameplay FAQ
BoneCraft Technical FAQ

If you are having an issue with BILLING, where your credit card keeps getting denied or there is an error every time you try to make a purchase, please contact us with the details of the error and any messages you may be receiving. We will be able to tell you more about why your purchase isn’t going through and might even be able to process your order manually to bypass the error.

If your question is not answered in the links above and you are contacting us with an Technical Issue with any of our games, please read the following so we can make sure we solve your problem as quickly as possible.

  1. The more information you can give us, the quicker it will be to resolve your issue. If your problem involves an error message, please write exactly what the error message says.
  2. If you are trying to retrieve your username or password, please give us the email address and full name you used when you made the purchase.
  3. If you are having problems with Activation, please supply us with your Serial Number and what error you are receiving.

After you have submitted your message, we will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Please note that Tech Support runs during business hours, and if you’ve emailed outside of those times, we’ll get back to you the next business day.