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Drugs in BoneTown

BoneTown Drugs

In BoneTown Drugs affect you very differently than they would anywhere else in the world. In this drug fueled paradise, illicit substances give you extraordinary, magical powers and can impart fantastic abilities. Leap tall buildings, run faster than a speding locomotive and visit the Spirit World all on drugs in BoneTown. In this world, the only drug problem is not having enough.

Many cultural groups have embraced particular kinds of drugs, and knowing who’s using what makes it easier to grow a drug stash. Need weed? Find a stoner. Got an itching for some Peyote? Better head to the Rezervation. In BoneTown, keeping your stash full is all about knowning the city and its inhabitants.



Drug dealers can also be found lurking around the dark corners of BoneTown. Crack dealers hiding out in remote alleys or bartenders slinging whiskey on the beach, drugs are as important in BoneTown as sex.



Beer – Increases the size of your Balls by a small amount for a short time.



Whiskey – Increases the size of your Balls by a larger amount for a short time.


Weed – Increases how hight your can jump for a short time. Your jump height can be increased even greater by upgrading your Pipe.



Shrooms – You are invinsible and take no damage when you are hit for a short peroid of time.


Peyote – You are transported to the Spirit World and can not be seen by enemies for a short period of time.



Toads – Your body becomes charged with DMT and you are electric to the touch, shocking anyone who you touch for a short period of time.


Crack – Increases the speed that you run for a short period of time.






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