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Sex in BoneTown

BoneTown Sex

Want to nail a nun, do a dominatrix, jizz on a juicer or even eat out an eighteen year old?

You’ve come to the right place.

In BoneTown, every girl you see if fair game—if you have big enough Balls to convince her to do you. The hottest girls on the island will always choose the guys with the biggest Balls, and a guy with small Balls can’t hope to charm anyone but the ugly girls unless he’s willing to pay for it.


So sure, you’ll have to work your way up to the perfect 10, but with all these lovely ladies just waiting for some action, you’ll sure have a good time doing it. On the street, in a park, at a club: In BoneTown, the sex is everywhere and the sex is good.



Not only is sex fun, but in BoneTown it’s essentail. From the blowjobs that increase your health to sex gives you bigger Balls, sex is a major part of succeeding in the mean streets of BoneTown.


If a girl turns you down for sex because your Balls aren’t big enough, try asking for a BJ. Girls have different standards for different sexual escapades. If you think you are the man, ask for butt-sex, the ultimate that will increase your Ball size and heath.



8 thoughts on “Sex in BoneTown

  1. i would love to see a VR vision of this game i think it would do very well.

  2. Great game was wondering however have you guys considered making a sequel to bonetown.

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