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Sex in BoneCraft

BoneCraft Sex

Sex in BoneCraft can be accessed through missions such as “Bone and Pillage” and “Secure Your Ho’s,” sex and combat come together like never before when Fort Worth is tasked with making sure his Wranglers get laid – and the enemy doesn’t. Lead BoneCraft Developer Hod says that, “the merging of sex and action in BoneCraft brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘wingman’ when you have to shoot enemies to make sure Lubbock gets lucky.”

BoneCraft Sex with Lubbock


New sex positions and girls can be unlocked by advancing through the storyline of the game, and can also be purchased. If the player would rather not fight before they get it on, they can visit Sex Stores and find just the right hookup from the hundreds of unique girls.

BoneCraft Sex with Lubbock


The Golden Shower Elven Brothel features many types of Sex Stores, each catering to a unique fetish.The Golden Shower Elven Brothel features many types of Sex Stores, each catering to a unique fetish, so there’s something for everyone.

BoneCraft Sex with Lubbock



9 thoughts on “Sex in BoneCraft

  1. Is there anyway that these games could be formatted for an Xbox 360 or other consoles??

    • We have always been able to do this. It is the consoles that won’t let adult games on to their platform.

  2. This gaming company is brilliant. They need our support to develop more games. The world oppresses sexual freedom.

  3. is there a way to make the people more realistic maybe designing or deving the looks to make it more 3d life like

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