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D-Dub Software Releases BoneTown Episode One

BoneTown Episode One Released

Adult Video Game’s First Content Pack Includes New Content and New Technology

Albuquerque, NM — D-Dub Software is pleased to announce the first expansion pack for its Adult Action Adventure video game, BoneTown. BoneTown’s Episode One will feature new content and new in-game technology, and will be offered for free on the company’s website at

BoneTown’s Episode One will continue the original game’s adult comedic adventure arc, introducing new characters, new locations, and a new mission. In Episode One, the player will find himself in an altercation with the satirical Wee Wee Herman, a trash-talking midget, and an Amish cocaine dealing couple, among other oddball personalities in the BoneTown world.

Episode One will also feature some new in-game technology in the form of the game’s first live-action movies. Completing the mission in Episode One will unlock the adult film Freshly Squeezed 3 1/2 from adult DVD giant SugarDVD, to be showcased in the BoneTown Theatre within the game. SugarDVD, the world’ s largest renter of adult movies, is eager to become a pa r t of the new adult video game market. “BoneTown is a unique and entertaining game. It has multiple levels, different character options, and humor. I’ve never seen anything like it,” says SugarDVD CEO Jax. “D-Dub Software has created promotional options within the game that SugarDVD is excited to be part of.”

D-Dub CEO Hod agrees. “We are trying to do some new and creative things in the adult entertainment industry. Episode One is the newest part of this pursuit, and we think the fans will love it. We are also really proud to be to be partnering with someone like SugarDVD, a company that has been so innovative and influential in the industry.”


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