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BoneTown Un-Ratable in Penthouse

BoneTown Penthouse

If you really need another reason to buy Penthouse, the February 2009 issue features your favorite Action Adventure Porno video game, BoneTown, in its Joystick section. We’re reviewed alongside Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando and Afro Samurai. BoneTown is the only game to get a full page review, but also the only game to not get a rating. Hmm. I guess what they are saying is that we’re un-ratable, beyond a puny star or number, deserving of our own rating system that has yet to be created.

And, of course, BoneTown isn’t the only reason to check out this month’s Penthouse–you can also check out one fine piece of ass, if I do say so myself, in the cover model Cindy. Like Uzi the White Trash Jew would say, “They got her sprawled out like a Christmas turkey on Hanukkah.” Find it on the shelves of your friendly neighborhood porn store right now.

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