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Hustler asks some good questions and gives a good review!

BoneTown Hustler Review

One of the adult world’s finest publications, Hustler magazine, has finally decided to grace their pages with BoneTown. Our supreme journey into debauchery can be found in their August 2009 issue, which features camera virgin and brunette bombshell Taylor Vixen on its cover.

BoneTown is featured in this issue alongside other heavyweights of the non-family friendly genre, such as Bubba the Love Sponge and Guns N Rose’s Slash, as well as such important articles as Thailand Exposed: Amazing Vagina Tricks. In reality, these are all subjects that should also be getting coverage on CNN, but we’ll see to changing that eventually… Also featured alongside BoneTown are three of our video game cousins: Skate 2, Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard and The Chronicles of Riddick: Assualt of Dark Athena. While Hustler doesn’t give ratings, if they did it’d probably be on a boner scale and I imagine we’d kick those other games’ asses.

The review itself is a great one that pays homage to BoneTown’s place in adult video game history, which has its roots all the way back on the original Atari with classics such as Custer’s Revenge and Beat’Em and Eat’Em. One part of the review that brought a smile to our faces over here at D-Dub, in hopes that it could be a catalyst for change, was, “Sadly, it’s only on PC at this point. We hope that the folks at D-Dub will up the ante to bring this awesome fuckfest to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.”

Good observation, Mr. Valcourt! Us folks at D-Dub would love to do that even more than we love to jerk off. Only it’s not up to us. We’re waiting for the thumbs up from either Playstation or Xbox, but unfortunately, it seems that the consoles have this little rule about AO titles on their systems and the last time I checked, the ESRB hasn’t included hardcore sex in their M rating. We hope this article could start the conversation that could end in an AO rated console release–hopefully BoneTown. Come on Xbox, come on Playstation! Give us the go ahead and you’ll see a release of a console version of BoneTown quicker than flies on shit.

To read more of Hustler’s review of BoneTown (because obviously, you get it for the articles), go to your local smut peddler and pick up the August 2009 issue.


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