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BoneTown coming to Steam

You heard right! BoneTown, the world’s only Action Adventure Porno video game, is coming to Steam. If you know BoneTown, you might be thinking that this must mean a dumbed-down, censored, M-rated version with no sex. But BoneTown wouldn’t be BoneTown if you couldn’t bang any girl in the game, any time. With Steam’s updated rules now allowing adult content, BoneTown players old and new can now experience the entire game on Steam, in its full adult XXX glory. 

For us developers, this re-release has given us another crack at the game many of you have played and loved for years now–and yeah, we went a little overboard. So much so that we decided this isn’t the same BoneTown anymore. The Steam version will be a new edition of the game: BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition. What does that entail? Well, find out all about it on the BoneTown Steam page.

So put BoneTown on your Wishlist today and don’t miss an update–and we’ll see you this summer, when BoneTown welcomes you to its shores once again. 


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BoneTown and BoneCraft are no longer sold through this site. Both games are now available exclusively on Steam ( Dismiss