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BoneCraft released on Steam

Following the Steam video game platform’s decision to allow adult content, D-Dub Software has released their sexy sci-fi/fantasy RPG, BoneCraft, on the site. This move brings adult gaming to the mainstream, and opens the debate as to what is appropriate in the gaming industry.

“Adult games will always create controversy because people assume video games are for kids,” says D-Dub marketing director Sam Stewart. “But the average video game player is 34 years old, and only 28% are under age 18. For Steam to lift their ban validates this.”

Valve Corporation’s Steam is the largest PC video game distribution platform in the world. In the past, it has prohibited games that include adult content, as do most other platforms. Now, D-Dub’s Bone series will be among the first adult games on the site, and the only adult RPG.

“This game is the future of the adult industry,” said legendary adult star Ron Jeremy about D-Dub’s other title, BoneTown, in which he co-stars. BoneTown will be released on Steam later this year.

With video games as the fastest growing entertainment medium in the world (grossing $43.3 billion in 2018) and the adult industry as the least discussed but most profitable entertainment avenue in America, many find it surprising that D-Dub’s games remain the only true crossover of these industry titans.

“We all grew up with great sci-fi and fantasy stories, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Warhammer, and WarCraft, and wondered what it would be like to go all the way with the sexiest creatures in the galaxy. Now, in BoneCraft, you can,” says Stewart.

BoneCraft is available now on Steam, and will be on sale until June 9th. Visit to learn more about BoneCraft and view trailers and screenshots. BoneCraft is not rated, but is for players 18+.


3 thoughts on “BoneCraft released on Steam

  1. Steam lifted this ban like 2 years ago and there are a few dozen adult RPGs on the site. I wish you guys luck and might check this out, but why are you lying?

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