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Get Your Sexy 3D Game Play Fix With BoneCraft

BoneCraft Group Sex

Lead Captain Fort Worth through the sexy 3D game play in a land filled with Dick-Monsters who are trying to stop you from being able to nail as many hot women as possible.

Fight and fuck your way to victory in BoneCraft, a single player PC sex video game for the adventurous adults of the world.

Fort Worth is a master in hand to hand combat fighting, so taking out anything that jumps in you way will be a piece of cake. Rock your enemy with a bazooka blast or stab an enemy with a sword, all while wearing special armor that funnels you alcohol through a tube to keep you at top energy levels.

Take a walk through BoneCraft in third-person view, controlling a character who leads a team of misfits through a the strange lands that they’ve just discovered. Looking for a game made for adults, by adults? BoneCraft is the perfect game for you!

Enjoy a nice walk through the forest while trying to not to stare at Nibbles Tyson banging alien ass, or avoid the area where The Impregnator is violating a sluts mouth by the water.

The calm, cool and violent Captain Fort Worth leads his team, The Space Wranglers through challenges like “Bone Your Hoes” and let Macho Mandy Savage bang everything that’s on two feet!

The indie game company D-Dub Software released BoneTown, and follows up nicely with a porn video game for the PC that really pushes the boundaries of what’s considered “normal” in your day to day life, while bringing all of your fantasies alive.

Figure your way through the free-roaming planet your spaceship hit after a hard night of partying, when someone from your team has too much drunken sex, hits the wrong controls and crashes your spaceship into a world like nothing you’ve ever seen.

This space age 3D sex game play odyssey is perfect for anyone who loves drugs, alcohol, hot women, dirty jokes and spending entirely too much time in front of the computer screen. BoneCraft is an ode the mainstream space movies we’ve all grown to love.

However, BoneCraft takes those wholesome, family movies and flips the idea on it’s head. A porn video game at it’s core, D-Dub Software has done a great job at making the world fun, entertaining and sprinkling in just enough sex that you never want to turn the game off.

Let you and your sidekick Lubbock tag team a wookie in just one of the many over the top sex situations you’ll find yourself in. PC games with porn mixed in may have been done before, but never like BoneCraft! Seriously, the storyline built into this game is stellar.

After you get past the free flowing liquor and never ending supply of women to have sex with, you’ll find yourself continuously trying to further yourself through the storyline and beat the game over and over again.

Let your characters bang elves and screw aliens, but always remember to keep an eye open when you’re traveling through the land you crash-landed on, because there’s a lot of hidden gems throughout the world for you to stumble across.

I mean, even after all of the raunchy things in this game, you’re also blessed with a storyline that makes it a game worth playing over and over.

So if you’re looking for a porn video game that you can play on your PC and is filled with all of the sex, drugs and alcohol that you wish your real life was filled with, BoneCraft is our #1 choice and should be your #1 choice too!

Seriously, BoneCraft is one of the most kick ass PC video games released in recent years, and if it’s not a part of your regular rotation of gameplay, you’re missing out and depriving yourself of the awesomeness it possesses.

And please remember that the main objective of this game is to have as much sex as you possibly can while doing drugs and killing aliens, so BoneCraft is not for children.

But if you’re 18+ and want to play the coolest game ever created, BoneCraft has you covered.

D-Dub Software is a small team that puts a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the building of games that may not look as crisp as the polished shit piles that get pumped out by huge studios.

On the other hand, when you play the BoneCraft PC game, you will know that you’re supporting a team of game developers who are just as screwed up in the head as you. so get a little crazy and download BoneCraft now.


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