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BoneTown is for REAL GAMERS!

BoneTown Celebrities

BoneTown is a PC game that sets the standard for what the porn video game industry will become. You may have played interactive third-person games before where you can do drugs, fight and bang multiple women, but nothing like this.

When you think of the dirtiest, raunchiest sex jokes you’ve ever heard in your life, you are nowhere near even close to how horribly offensive and absolutely awesome BoneTown actually is.

You will learn very quick when you start playing that the game play is beautifully simplistic, yet artistically crafted in a way that keeps you glued to your screen through every scene.

The world setting in BoneTown will take you from a Native American reservation looking for a sweet piece of tail, back to the Homeland trailer park where the dirty blonde you’ve been eyeing gives you a piece.

Party in the drug forest then find your way to the casino and abandoned gas stations where drugs flow without worry of law enforcement getting involved. I mean, BoneTown brings out your darkest desires and makes them feel almost normal.

From open prostitution to drugs and booze on almost every corner, your character gets to live out all of your fantasies and pushes the limits of what gamers consider normal. Your view of what porn video games are supposed to be will never be the same after you play BoneTown.

D-Dub Software put together a modern day masterpiece that lets you relive your childhood through the cartoon-ish style images while exploring all of the delusional thoughts you have as an adult gamer.

When compared to larger budget studios, the graphics pale in comparison, but for the real gamers who enjoy the beauty of a game that brings them to a whole new level of crazy, this game hits the nail on the head.

What BoneTown may lack in visual polish, it more than makes up for in crude humor, stereotypes and all out chaos in a world that gives you every opportunity to act out in violent, drug fueled rages and then replenish your energy while nailing a nun.

The indie gaming world has definitely been put on notice with the release of BoneTown. From the small team at D-Dub you get a game with so many drugs and hookers, it makes your favorite rock and roll group look like pansies.

If you still aren’t convinced that this game should be in your regular rotation, then maybe when you find out that you can take bong rips as Jesus or have a conversation with Ron Jeremy while you’re smoking crack.

It’s all in BoneTown, from the punches and kicks that you find in most third person RPG porn video games to the excessively near-constant sex with random girls in every building you walk into; and sometimes right on the side of the street.

You will find things throughout BoneTown that remind you of some of the larger games out there on the market, but they somehow always seem to get you to forget those games as soon as you hit the casino and nail a Native American girl doggy-style right in front of the tee-pee.

What Hustler calls an “Awesome Fuckfest” is just par the course when you get your hands on a copy of BoneTown. Your politically correct attitudes will need to be checked at the door, and your inner asshole will need to take control for a while.

Do yourself a favor and play the 3D adult sex game that has censors in a panic. From the almost non-stop drug use to the graphic sex acts that you let your character commit while earning points and furthering your position in the game, BoneTown is exactly what an adult sex game should be.

Beat people with bats and giant dildos while taking bong rips and floating through the sky like a god, then assume the identity of Jesus and continue your drunken rampage throughout BoneTown, boning your way to the top.

A game that is too raunchy for the ESRB to rate, BoneTown is redefining what the adult game industry should be, and what a ratings system can do. As far as we can see it, BoneTown is far beyond even the dirtiest games the ESRB has rated.

That fact alone should give all the crude credibility that’s needed in order to win you over and get you diving face first into BoneTown and all of the sex filled fun you can find.


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