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BoneCraft User Review

BoneCraft Story

The sci-fi gaming industry has a lot of catching up to do after taking BoneCraft for a spin recently. Captain Fort Worth and his squad of Space Wranglers will guide you through the gameplay and when Lubbock gets too drunk and crashes your ship into a foreign land.

When this happens, don’t panic because you will be introduced to a world that’s full or Orc’s and an Elven brothel with the Elf Queen who is as violent as she is sexy. The only goal that you have in the game is to get laid as much as possible, and in BoneCraft, getting laid is as easy as breathing.

Enjoy the free-roaming world while playing in the third-person perspective and having so many sexual conquests that your fingers will get tired, but your mind won’t let you quit.

Make sure your enemies don’t get laid while moving Captain Fort Worth and his team through this strange land and getting yourself as much tail as possible. Blast your enemies while making sure you get lucky in missions with the name “Bone” and “Secure Your Hoes”.

The fighting in BoneCraft fits seamlessly with the sex, submerging your mind fully into the world where you not only have to have sex with multiple alien-type females, but you will have to kill enemies while your squad gets laid too.

Fort is a master of hand to hand combat and can use a variety of weapons, ranging from the standard swords and guns, to bazookas and fire grenades. The Wrangler Armor you wear feeds you a constant stream of alcohol, which keeps you energized to complete each additional mission.

An adult video game that makes jokes out of some of the classic RPG games like World of Warcraft, BoneCraft takes fighting and fucking to a whole new level that pushes the limits of what you think of when you think of what adult video game should be.

It’s not uncommon to find one of your team members getting rode by a blue alien with breasts the size of watermelons. It’s also not uncommon for you to get in on the action yourself and double teaming an elf whore.

Throughout this galaxy, you’re controlling a crew of Wranglers that push the real life characters they’re made after to the limit. The comedy romp that you’re embarking on is only made better when you see Macho Mandy Savage or Nibbles Tyson nailing a seductive alien.

BoneCraft is a free roaming sandbox style adult video game that gives you a storyline to follow, but enough freedom to find all of the beautiful alien ass you can shake your stick at.

This is a Sci-Fi fantasy game that holds true to every part of it’s description; BoneCraft is a full on Sci-Fi world full of characters that bring every fantasy you’ve ever had to life.

Where else can you be in the middle of a life or death battle with Dick-Monsters only to stop and take a sex break with the sexy woman on the other side of the forest who’s body gives you power when you bone it.

On or off your spaceship, you’re faced with a crazy cast of characters that make time fly by when you’re playing. So don’t be too surprised if you start playing after dinner and don’t stop until the sun comes up.

Take your time with all of the beautifully whore like elves and let Fort Worth and Lubbock tag team a Wookie. Your deepest, darkest fantasies can all come true while you’re playing BoneCraft.

D-Dub Software, the independent company who put this game together really understands what gamers want in a video game that’s marketed as an adult’s only video game. There’s enough sex and violence to make the gaming ratings system crumble, and you’re the one who benefits from it.

So if you consider yourself an avid gamer and you support indie developers bringing you adult video games that push the boundaries, go download BoneCraft now and become a part of the growth of a new industry – really hardcore sex and drug filled porn video games that put others who claim to provide this much fun to shame.

BoneCraft is a great step in the right direction, building off of the success of BoneTown and pushing the adult gaming industry into the direction that we all want it to go into; no rules, no boundaries and nobody telling you to stop doing drugs or doing Elves and Aliens.


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