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BoneCraft Adds Princess I’ma-Dolla-Ho AmadalaHo in New Contest for an Alienware Console

BoneCraft AmadollaHo

Rescue AmadalaHo in this limited-time in-game contest

The sexiest princess in the universe has arrived in BoneCraft, D-Dub Software’s sexy, hilarious Sci-Fi/Fantasy parody game. Race to rescue Princess AmadalaHo and win great prizes in BoneCraft’s first in-game contest since its release in January.

In the contest, players will use the force to be the first to have their way with AmadalaHo. If that wasn’t incentive enough, players can use video capture to record their journey to the Princess, and the lucky player with the fastest recorded time will win an Alienware Console X51 and a copy of BoneCraft.

“This is a great contest for our users because now they can show off the skills they’ve accumulated playing BoneCraft, and have fun with a new character while they’re at it,” says Hod, CEO of D-Dub.

The contest is open to anyone who owns BoneCraft, and will run through the next month

BoneCraft, which was released January 12, is the second PC release from D-Dub Software, the studio that brought you the risquè action-adventure parody BoneTown. The third person hack-and-slash shooter game follows Captain Fort Worth and his crew of Space Wranglers through encounters with naughty elves and racy robots, battles with Orc hoardes, and much more.

Any customer who has purchased BoneCraft can download BoneCrafter the Mod Kit for free at


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BoneTown and BoneCraft are no longer sold through this site. Both games are now available exclusively on Steam ( Dismiss