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XBox Controller in BoneCraft

BoneCrtaft News XBox Controller

You asked for it and we listened. The upcoming BoneCraft release will feature lots of the elements you’ve been asking for all along! You got a sneak peak about what’s new in sex from the Sex Trailer last week, and now, we have even more good news.

We all know that BoneTown and BoneCraft are only available on the PC because our good friends over at the consoles don’t allow our type of entertainment on their devices. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t use their controllers! We listened to your suggestions, and in BoneCraft, you’ll be able to use an Xbox 360 controller or any other Microsoft controller–in addition to the normal PC controls, of course.

We know some of you felt like BoneTown was too hard. Some thought it was too easy. Lucky for everyone, we’ve given BoneCraft three levels of difficulty so you can choose to play in Easy, Medium, or Hard mode. If you just feel like getting some action from a hot Elf chick, you can breeze right through the missions in Easy mode, and if you’re like us and enjoy a bit more of a challenge, we’ve made the game Hard for you. No pun intended.


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