BoneCrafter WalkThrough Level Design Part 2

Watch BoneCrafter WalkThrough Level Design Part 1 at Part 2 of 2 in 2 part tutorial on level design within the BoneCrafter Mod Kit. Part 2 covers moving around entire folders of objects, copy and pasting entire folders of objects, deforming the terrain including all the tools for this, final placement of objects onto […]


BoneCrafter WalkThrough Level Design Part 1

The first step of this Tutorial is to download the .zip file below and copy the two files within it to their proper location: Below is where to place the two files you just unzipped: 1. LevelDesignTutorial01.mis is to be copied to: C:/Program Files/BoneCrafterModKit/BoneCraft/game/data/missions 2. LevelDesignTutorial01_terrain.ter is to be copied to: C:/Program Files/BoneCrafterModKit/BoneCraft/game/data/terrains Part […]


D-Dub Software Announces New Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Game, BoneCraft

BoneCraft Pre-Order Trailer

BoneCraft will feature orcs, elves, and space marines alongside BoneTown-style sex, fighting, and humor. January 6, 2011, Las Vegas, NV — At the 2011 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), D-Dub Software will be announcing their upcoming game BoneCraft, which will launch in 2011. BoneCraft is the latest venture from the team behind BoneTown, creators of […]