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BoneCrafter WalkThrough Level Design Part 1

BoneCrafter Walkthrough 1

The first step of this Tutorial is to download the .zip file below and copy the two files within it to their proper location:

Below is where to place the two files you just unzipped:

1. LevelDesignTutorial01.mis is to be copied to:

C:/Program Files/BoneCrafterModKit/BoneCraft/game/data/missions

2. LevelDesignTutorial01_terrain.ter is to be copied to:

C:/Program Files/BoneCrafterModKit/BoneCraft/game/data/terrains

Part 1 of 2 in 2 part tutorial on level design within the BoneCrafter Mod Kit. Part 1 covers bringing objects into the world and what you can do with the objects once they are in the world. This involves moving, scaling rotating, copy and pasting, moving groups of objects, changing material properties as well as changing the textures on objects.

Watch BoneCrafter WalkThrough Level Design Part 2 at…-Design-Part-2


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