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BoneTown Episode One Patch (Version 1.1.1)

The long awaited Episode One is finally HERE! Download for FREE!

Mini Dog’s drunk around town, an Amish Cokehead is looking for his fix, WeeWee Herman’s playing pocket pool at the Theater, Natasha Nice shows she is down for some good lovin’– it’s fucking crazy in BoneTown’s Episode One: Mini Dog’s Big Adventure. From helping a midget mount a mustang to preventing a pervert from pounding his pud in the movie theater, Episode One will make you tingle in your special places. Free to download, fun as fuck to play– you’re a freaking idiot if you don’t get it.

Download Episode One Patch (Version 1.1.1)


Version 1.1.1

*Episode One (Version 1.1.1) includes all previous versions. Must have full version of BoneTown already installed to use this patch.

Freshly Squeezed 3 1/2 the Movie!

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Version 1.0.4

-Fixed the issue with the screen not fading in after getting turned down by chick bosses
-Replaced terrains for Boardwalk and Man Island

Version 1.0.3

-Fixed the loading issues for the Havajo reservation, the party house and the apartment complex

Version 1.0.2

-Added camera invert to options in the controls menu
-The issue with the Radeon HD cards and red lines has been resolved
-Characters floating during the wobbly H has been fixed
-Characters spawning inside other characters in fantasy mode has been fixed
-Addressed issue of installing BoneTown to a different drive than temporary files
-Fixed problem with saving over deleted games
-Fixed Ron Jeremy’s stash
-Resolution options in graphics menu are now sorted by width, then height, then refresh
-Minor changes to in game tips
-Added additional checks to make sure direct3d loads correctly




9 thoughts on “BoneTown Updates

  1. hi…… i’m a new player and this comment is not for any problems. I think u guys should update this game a little bit with some feature like…….. after sex ask where to cum, show different sex position before starting sex

  2. and make some female character always visible. i mean when we go that particular place we always fund her and she will not disappear after having sex with her

  3. hi i have bougth bonetown and bonecraft download but i cant download bonetown with regrets mikael

  4. I’m unable to activate my game. I need an activation code for the DvD that I purchased from Amazon.

  5. I want to download an update but the page cant be found.
    How can I get the updates?

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