BoneTown Communities


Crack has done much harm in BoneTown. From giving The Man the avenues into the city to forcing lost souls to wander the its streets in search of their next hit, Crack’s wretched influence is felt everywhere. The Man’s literal crackdown has made their already rough lives harder, but as long as a Crackhead has his rock and a way to make a buck off it, his world’s a candyland.




The rockers in BoneTown proudly trace their cultural roots back to Bronze Harlot, the original rock band that crashed on the island and then formed a commune. As more and more naughty Mormon girls fled BoneTown for the Sugar Shack Commune it began to thrive, and the Rockers live on to this day.




The Mormon University of Bone U. was founded on an island off the shores of BoneTown as a place of prayer and scholastic pursuits. Its image was ruined when a few rowdy coeds were shown on Mormons Gone Wild, overnight replacing Bone U’s prayer and academics with partying and more partying. Bone U alumni make up a majority of the middle class of BoneTown, and raise their kids to grow up dreaming of getting a Ph.D. in partying at Bone U just as they did.



As a result of the Man Inc.’s growing influence in BoneTown, the Asian Tourist Industry has exploded. Waves upon waves of Asian Tourists have flooded into BoneTown to experience what they call a “super extra happy fun time.” This influx of Asian tourism has increased The Man Inc.’s profits tenfold, but many locals are upset about the commercialization that has come with it.



White Trash Jews

The Jewish community of BoneTown can be traced back to a single Jewish biker gang. Exiled from their homeland of Israel for running hooch, they fled to BoneTown to drown their sorrows in homemade moonshine. They founded a mobile home community and christened it the Homeland Trailer Park in honor of their heritage. They have long seen the signs and tried to warn the citizens of BoneTown about what was coming, but their warnings have fallen on deaf ears.


East Indians

It was the tireless search for moneymaking schemes that led the East Indian Community to BoneTown. Upon hearing that they were Indians, the residents of BoneTown assumed they were a sect of the Native Indian community and wrote them off as lazy alcoholics. A great hatred was born between the two sets of Indians as a result of this racial prejudice, and it continues to this day.



The Man Inc.

The Man, Inc. has grown faster and expanded more quickly than any other corporation in history, and they have recently grown from a corporation into an oppressive regime in BoneTown. They began by outlawing the sale of all drugs, and recently created the Man Decency Act, which bans sexual acts in public. Many BoneTown citizens fear it’s already too late to save the town from their corruptive influence.



Black Community

Though Black people have always been a minority in BoneTown, the money that came with being the only purveyors of Crack allowed them to become BoneTown’s upper class. For many years they ruled BoneTown in mob fashion, but their newfound riches brought greed and deception, and it wasn’t long before the community was divided. This instability allowed The Man Inc. to infiltrate BoneTown. As they recruited only from the upper class, a faction of the Black community inevitably sold out to the Man and joined their ranks.




When the rumors of BoneTown spread to Mexico, many Mexicans made the decision to attempt the swim to this promised land. With children and wives strapped to their backs, the Mexicans swam away from their home shores in search of a better life and greater prosperity in BoneTown.




As news of a secret island where drugs grew everywhere began to spread, hordes of hippies made their way to BoneTown. Years later, when The Man began to change BoneTown under their feet, the Hippies were oblivious to it until the threat of a drug ban forced them to rally their flower power, only to find that it had disappeared in a cloud of weed smoke.




When the Mormons first came to BoneTown, they saw the pristine island as land that God had truly blessed, but soon an epic immigration of unsavory characters polluted their once sacred land. They view The Man Inc. as a savior sent from Heaven to strike down the heathens of BoneTown and make the island holy once again.



The Natives

When Mormons first came to the island, the Natives believed them to be travelers from another world who were to be worshipped for their strange ways and pale women. For the Natives, this would be the first in series of poor decisions that would lead their people to a life at the bottom of a Whiskey bottle. Now the Reservation is the only land they have to call their own.





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