BoneTown Celebrities

BoneTown Celebrities

Ron Jeremy

Tired of life as a porn star extraordinaire, Ron has retired to BoneTown, the only place a pro like him can still get a rise out of boning. He resides in Ron Towers, home to the most famous harem in the world and full of the hottest and horniest women ever to walk the earth. Ron Jeremy’s celebrity has only grown since his move to BoneTown, as no lady is able to resist his 9.75 inches.


Tired of working for the one true man, Moses fled to find sanctuary from his boss’ prying eye. He came upon BoneTown, a place where he could finally find some peace from the troubles of the masses. After parting the waters for the last time, he found a little corner of BoneTown where he could smoke bong rips all day and write Commandments 11-18: The Moses Years.


After being introduced to Weed at a young age to help cope with the pressure of being God’s only son, Jesus left the holy lands to find himself. Awestruck by the openness of the people and the free love atmosphere in BoneTown, he decided that it was the only place where he could fulfill his fantasy of just kicking back and watching the world on weed.

Joseph Smith

While on a walk one day as a young man, Joseph discovered mushrooms that he thought were harmless, and two hours later he unearthed golden tablets and founded the Mormon religion. He has come on a mission to BoneTown to return it to the Mormon holy land it once was.

Captain James T. Jerk

Captain Jerk hails from a galaxy far, far away. Arriving BoneTown via the Star Cruiser Enterprise, he has come to explore strange new whores, to seek out new hotties in new positions, and to boldly jizz on each and every whore he could score. Equipped with only their light sabers, Captain Jerk and his crew tirelessly search BoneTown to eliminate the dark side, which they can sense in the Man.


Known for his mighty ass, ButtMan is a superhero who believes that his butt is the only thing that can save BoneTown from the powers of evil. As full of himself as he is full of gas, this local hero is also plagued by insecurity and lives in constant fear of losing his turf. Living in BoneTown has left him with plenty of opportunities to save the day, but despite all his talk he’s usually just full of hot air.


A superhero who really knows how to blow smoke, AguaMan is as known as much for being suave as he is for saving lives. He claims to have charmed more ladies than Casanova and kicked more ass than Antonio Banderas. As he derives his superpowers from smoking Weed, he was banished during The Man’s crackdown on drugs and now only ventures into town at night to seduce ladies back to his watery lair.

Sexbot 0069

Created by an Asian mad scientist, Sexbot 0069 was the prototype for a line of Sex Robots. The Man, however, had the scientist killed before he could begin the mass production of Sexbots, leaving Sexbot 0069 lonely and depressed, wandering the streets in search of the sister she yearns for.


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