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BoneTown History

BoneTown History

In the beginning, the island chain now known as BoneTown was reigned over by the goddess of fertility and inebriation. She enchanted the land with the ability to grow mind altering substances and the island became a special spot on the globe where an abundance of drugs flourished side by side.


Millennia later… the settlement of BoneTown was founded by a wandering tabernacle of seafaring Mormons and named after the Mormon prophet Jebediah Bone.


Over the years many other cultures arrived on BoneTown’s shores looking for a new life in this place of tolerance. With no government, free love and drugs were the only laws the citizens abided by.

Soon, though, an evil corporation, The Man, Inc., seized control of BoneTown and its conservative board of directors instituted a new policy, based on their religious beliefs, prohibiting the sale of all drugs in BoneTown. This was the first sign of things to come. Soon the head of The Man, Inc. was replaced by a new, more conservative leader who quickly began to pass new laws. Next came the Man Decency Act, prohibiting any sexual act in a public place, and the establishment of a Man controlled police force was the final straw. BoneTown needs a savior. It is up to a mysterious newcomer to BoneTown to turn the tides and reverse BoneTown’s descent into Corporate Conservatism.




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