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The BoneCraft Story

BoneCraft Story

The story of BoneCraft begins with the leader of the Space Wranglers, Captain Fort Worth (Neil Kaplan) and his second in command Lubbock (Ainson Rotola), cruising through space in their ship the USS Longstreet. After getting drunk on too much Jet Fuel, Lubbock brings up a subject he knows sends Fort into a rage: Elven […]

Sex in BoneCraft

BoneCraft Sex

Sex in BoneCraft can be accessed through missions such as “Bone and Pillage” and “Secure Your Ho’s,” sex and combat come together like never before when Fort Worth is tasked with making sure his Wranglers get laid – and the enemy doesn’t. Lead BoneCraft Developer Hod says that, “the merging of sex and action in […]

BoneCraft Combat

BoneCraft Combat

BoneCraft is an action-adventure game with a unique sex dynamic that is merged seamlessly into the gameplay. The game is played from a third-person perspective, with the player in control of Captain Fort Worth in a free-roaming world.   Space Wranglers are masters of hand to hand combat, as well as of weapons ranging from […]